Enkele tips voor vitale werknemers


The health of your staff is an important condition for a healthy company. Generating sufficient income is a great manager in order to continue your activities as a manager. Since employees are the most important ‘capital’ of a company, the health of your employees is therefore crucial. Continuity is indispensable when it comes to planning. In companies where production processes and excellent service are central, the knowledge of certain permanent employees is indispensable. In most cases you experience experimentally where the shoe  pinches, but luckily there is more and more attention for prevention. In the people only came into action when sick leave increased.Now there are different ways to not let it happen.

Prevent absenteeism

Read below 7 interesting tips for vital employees. First and foremost you can provide an ergonomic workshop. Teach employees how they can best maintain their workplace, especially when it comes to flex- or home work. In addition, make sure that there are enough healthy alternatives in the canteen. A strategically placed fruit basket is always a good idea! Let employees partly decide on their planning and see how the stress level drops quickly. It is also a good idea to regularly ask staff where improvement is possible. Then also do something effective with their advice. Reward your employees and let them know that you appreciate their commitment. A sincere compliment is an incredible stimulus and stimulates productivity. In addition, try to leave your employees as much as possible during the weekend or holiday. This allows them to dispose of everything and charge their batteries 100%. Take the account of the phase of life in which each member of staff is located separately, because especially when working hard, if necessary. You will see that the solution is often very simple!

The importance of vital employees